KP Formations d'affaires

A customer portal dedicated to real estate training and knowledge development


Looking for a flexible, customizable solution, KP Formations chose Mediavore to develop a customer portal dedicated to real estate training. Our mandate was to create a platform that would offer users an optimal online learning experience, while enabling the company to monetize its content. To this end, we created structured training modules accompanied by evaluation questionnaires.


KP Formations d'Affaires propose de la formation pour les professionnels de l’immobilier. Leurs programmes sont accrédités par plusieurs organismes tels que l'OACIQ, l'AMF et la CSF. Les formations, disponibles en format asynchrone, présentent des contenus dynamiques et interactifs de qualité dispensés par des experts.


Personalized modules

Our team has developed a customer portal with several customized modules.


Creation of videos divided into modules, accompanied by questionnaires to assess participants' knowledge and issue certificates.

Choice of different subscriptions, giving access to specific content and privileges such as discounts on private consultations. Each package is available as a monthly or annual plan, with customized pricing according to the options chosen.

Centralized management of orders for subscriptions, single training modules, consulting hours and paid events.

Register for live, online or webcast events. Vimeo integration enables you to broadcast live events and provide easy access to subsequent recordings.

API integration

Connection with Zapier

To promote the interoperability of KP Formations' systems, we integrated Zapier into their customer portal. This technological solution facilitates connection between different platforms. Administrators can now automatically send customer order and invoice data to other applications.


KP Formations is now able to monetize its online content for customers through a personalized portal integrated with its other systems.

  • Training accredited by several professional associations and enhanced credibility
  • Recurring, predictable income thanks to a range of subscription options
  • Diversifying sales channels and extending reach
  • Automate processes and reduce manual tasks

KP Formations d'affaires

Structured training modules


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