Creating agile solutions integrated with operations

Co-creating, developing and implementing sustainable web platforms,
that's what we do every day!


Customer portal - extranet

Delivering a personalized customer experience

  • Platform developed by our team
  • Professional implementation
  • Operations-integrated solution

We optimize your processes by developing a single point of contact to centralize all communications, exchanges and transactions with your B2B and B2C customers. Our programmers specialize in creating customized digital ecosystems tailored to the industry in which your company operates.

What sets us apart is our deep commitment to improving your processes by automating non-value-added administrative tasks and integrating your existing systems with your customer portal.

Although your customers' needs vary and evolve, over the years we have acquired a comprehensive understanding of their expectations and know how to equip you with the digital tools you need to improve your relationship with them.

Commerce électronique


Sell your products or services online

  • Platform for B2B and B2C customers
  • Integration with finance, marketing and logistics software
  • Customized product pages and product configurator

We have developed specific skills to help companies market their products or services online. Generating and tracking revenue with a comprehensive dashboard and customized reports is possible using the dvore technology platform, which we have specifically designed to meet the needs of SMEs.

Our team specializes in developing multilingual, multi-currency platforms integrated with operations, making it easy to manage all B2B and B2C orders in one place. We can also create customized product sheets and a product configurator to help you deliver a unique shopping experience.

Providing personalized service and support is also a priority for Mediavore. That's why we take care of all your platform updates, so you can fully concentrate on running your business.

Online training

Develop your users' skills

  • Training platform tailored to your customers or employees
  • Personalized training experience
  • Monetize content and sell related products or services

Would you like to offer online training to your employees or even your customers, and are wondering how to go about it? Then you've come to the right place! Mediavore develops online training platforms that enable you to structure and organize training courses, while regularly monitoring your users' progress.

Whether you want to sell training modules to your customers or make video content and PDF documents available free of charge to your employees, we can deliver the project you need, whatever your industry.


Visualize your key data

  • Development of customized dashboards
  • Production of customized reports
  • Integration of data from other systems

We develop dashboards tailored to your real needs, whether you need to track sales, users or strategic planning. We know that access to real-time data and key performance indicators (KPIs) is essential for making informed decisions and communicating them to stakeholders.

Want to discover one of our dashboards? We've created the planivore solution, an online tool dedicated specifically to tracking strategic and work plans.

Intégration API

API integration

Make your systems interoperable

  • Integration of your systems by our developers
  • API documentation to facilitate integration
  • Follow-up and support

Our programming team takes care of integrating your software with your portal, using an API that simplifies data sharing in a secure, controlled way. This enables us to harmonize interactions between your different systems, optimize data flows and guarantee seamless synchronization of your information.

Whether you need to connect your accounting software, your ERP, your CRM or your marketing tools to your technology platform, our team has the skills to integrate many types of systems into your portal.

Web applications

Simplify the management of your business

  • Several SaaS solutions developed by our team
  • Data hosted in Canada
  • Intuitive Customer Experience (CX) and Employee Experience (EX)

Our team has extensive expertise in creating cloud-based platforms that simplify business management for SMEs, NPOs and even educational institutions. All the interfaces we develop have been thought through and programmed to connect to other software via an API.

Exchanging data securely and collaborating effectively at a distance are working methodologies that we have been implementing for several years now at MEDIAVORE for our own team. Since then, we've been sharing this expertise with our customers to help them advance their own digital transformation.

ERP web

Automate your processes

  • Customized management tools developed by our team
  • Modular functionality to suit your needs
  • Protecting your data and that of your customers

We develop management tools that enable companies to automate their processes and monitor their operations using digital interfaces. We are able to implement scalable functionalities so that every organization can manage inventory, invoicing, project management and much more on a single platform.

Where data is involved, security is a must! Protecting your data is a priority for us, and we implement robust security measures to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your sensitive information.

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Agile project management

A method that encourages collaboration between the stakeholders involved, breaking down each project into stages and adopting an iterative approach for continuous improvement.

DevOps approach

A culture that encourages collaboration between our specialized teams in the development and maintenance of our technological solutions.

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