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SaaS platform for creating customized portals integrating administration, order management and online training modules.

Strategic plan monitoring tool to facilitate reporting and collaboration between teams.


Discover dvore

A technological solution for your customers and employees

Would you like to offer a unique user experience? dvore is a SaaS platform for deploying portals with management tools that can be integrated with the existing ERP of small and medium-sized businesses.

A digital ecosystem that adapts to your needs

Customer portal

A platform designed to help you create a unique and lasting relationship with your B2B and B2C customers

Employee portal

A platform dedicated to structuring training and communications between your company and your employees

Customer portal - extranet

Centralize and standardize your customer interactions

Deploy a customized environment with your company's colors by using existing functionalities that can be adapted specifically to your needs, or even custom-developed.

Several customizable modules

Customer management using customer groups to customize pricing and payment terms. Module including a secure customer area enabling you to obtain and store information on your users and their activities in the portal.

Online order taking and invoice creation that can be automatically routed to other systems using API integration. Customers can independently consult their purchase history and order status.

Management of the list and data for each product or service offered, such as price, product catalog, description and technical data sheets. Development of customized product sheets and a product configurator integrated with your ERP to offer a unique customer experience (CX).

Real-time tracking of inventory, orders and replenishments for all your warehouses. API integration with your ERP to automate updates of available quantities in your customer portal and on all your systems simultaneously.

Organize online training courses in the form of modules, including different types of content such as videos, documents and even a 3D viewer. Offer training on specific topics, as well as on the use, installation and maintenance of your products, while validating your customers' knowledge with questionnaires and certificates.

Communicate effectively and centrally with customers through blog posts, news, notifications, e-mails or text messages. Offer fast, personalized customer service by chatting online with customers via messaging available directly on the customer portal.

Plan and coordinate online or face-to-face events. Sell tickets, manage registrations and distribute important information to registered customers.

Share documents with customers directly in the portal, and integrate with Microsoft or Google to make it easier to add and update documentation. Module also enables the creation of a customer help center to share information on the products offered and how to use them.

The large-scale projects
we've completed

Customer portal


A set of custom-developed modules

Customer portal

HEC Montréal

Integrated with operations

Customer portal

Concept Marine Design

Including product configurator


Employee portal - intranet

Consolidate your team's communications and resources

Provide your employees with a personalized platform to access online training, documentation, company news and much more.

Several customizable modules

Manage access rights to the portal and segment employees into different user groups to personalize the experience according to their position. Creation of detailed employee files that can be tailored to your company's needs, centralizing a wealth of relevant information such as identification, employment contract and payroll information.

Create learning paths tailored to the needs of each employee, enabling them to continually develop their skills. Offer general or specific training courses based on educational resources in the form of lectures and videos, while validating their understanding with assessments leading to certification.

Centralize communications to facilitate the sharing of important information and news through internal memos and notifications to all members of the organization. The portal can be integrated with existing communications tools to simplify professional exchanges.

Organize and plan internal events online or in person. Enables ticket reservation, registration management and distribution of important information to registered employees.

Consolidation of procedural documents and internal policies on a single portal, including everything employees need to be efficient and productive in their work.


Discover planivore

A tool for strategic planning, collaboration and reporting

A SaaS platform with all the functionalities you need for strategic planning, monitoring work plans and measuring results.

Transform the way you work.

Structure your work

Opt for a high-performance work tool that enables you to determine and monitor orientations, objectives, intentions, means of implementation and follow-up indicators in a single place.

Facilitate collaboration

Optimize communication between employees and stakeholders, while reducing non-value-added administrative tasks.

Simplify strategic decisions

Choose a digital solution to track the progress of your strategic planning and work plans more effectively, while having the key information you need to make informed decisions.

Communicate result

Share important information and progress with stakeholders quickly using customized reports.

See planivore in action

Collège Ahuntsic, like many other organizations, chose planivore to monitor their strategic plans.


Solutions designed to improve your impact

Platforms developed according to general ecodesign principles

Green hosting

Server hosting in Canada (Quebec) powered by hydroelectricity

User experience (UX)

Optimized user experience reducing the number of clicks and server requests

Optimized source code

Low-waste source code (no plug-ins or add-ons)


Inclusive, easy-to-use web platforms for all users

Digital process automation and optimization

Task automation

Reduce administrative and repetitive tasks with no added value

Optimized workflow

Interoperable digital environment for managing complex workflows.


Increased profitability and productivity through better use of resources.

Better results

Improved operational agility and overall performance to generate sustainable growth.

Benefits for the environment and society

Choosing one of our solutions developed according to eco-design principles could enable you to do more for your company, but also for the environment and society.

  • Reduce your ecological footprint and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
  • Demonstrate greater transparency to your stakeholders
  • Create dynamic and attractive jobs

Frequently asked questions

Make a success of your digital transformation with the right tools!

Making changes to your processes and ways of doing things can raise many questions. Our team is here to guide you through every stage of your project.

Yes, our products are designed to be compatible and connect with other technology solutions via an API. All our products have an API, enabling easy integration with other systems. Our team of experienced developers is able to work with existing APIs or collaborate with partners to create new API integrations according to your specific needs.

Yes, we organize our work in iterative cycles and commit to regular communication with our customers to validate and adjust functionality during development. What's more, we automate deployment, testing and monitoring processes, enabling us to deliver web projects quickly while maintaining high quality.

Yes, your privacy and the security of your data and that of your customers is our priority. We have implemented several measures to protect your data from unauthorized access. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information on our data protection practices.

Yes, our products are designed to be multilingual, both in terms of administration and the platform itself. All our solutions are currently available in French and English. We can also add other languages at the customer's request.

What sets us apart is our in-depth expertise in implementing complex technological projects. Thanks to our experience and in-depth understanding of the issues involved in developing digital ecosystems, we are able to meet the most demanding challenges and propose innovative technological solutions. That's why we've created dvore and planivore, customized solutions that enable us to respond even more effectively to the specific needs of our customers.

Good question! Budgets can vary depending on factors such as the complexity of the project, the scope of functionalities required and your company's specific needs. For a precise, personalized estimate, you can contact our team of experts directly. They'll be able to assess your specific needs, understand your project objectives and provide you with a proposal tailored to your budget.


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