Collège Ahuntsic

A strategic plan monitoring tool designed to meet the specific needs of the educational establishment


Collège Ahuntsic was looking to optimize the management of its strategic plan and the activities of its various departments. They wanted a solution specifically adapted to their needs, to facilitate collaboration between their teams. To meet this demand, we developed a customized tracking tool offering a user-friendly platform for rigorous tracking of strategic plans and work plans.


Collège Ahuntsic is an institution of higher learning located in Montreal. It offers a variety of programs including continuing education, technical programs and pre-university programs in fields such as science, arts, technology, business and health.


Personalized modules

Our team has developed a strategic planning monitoring tool with several customized modules.


Organization of medium and long-term strategy using a strategic plan structured on 3 or 4 levels: strategic orientations, strategic objectives, operational intentions and means of implementation.

Short-term action planning and follow-up with work plans that keep you on track with your strategic plan. Module designed to improve day-to-day team collaboration.

A global view of activities at all times, using a dashboard that makes it easy to track the progress of each strategic direction, enabling management to make informed decisions.

Customized report creation and export in PDF or Excel format, facilitating the reporting process to stakeholders. Customized reports can be generated and saved per user, for easy access and future reference.

Advanced user management, with access control and modification permissions to ensure enhanced protection of confidential information. Each employee must log on to the platform using Azure single sign-on (SSO).

Sharing of public information via a platform including a dashboard with graphs and indicators for greater transparency in the presentation of information.


Connection to Microsoft Azure Active Directory (SSO)

The platform has been integrated with Microsoft's Azure Active Directory to enable secure login with single sign-on (SSO) in addition to multi-factor authentication (MFA). This enables users to log on to the platform using their Microsoft account. This process reinforces security and protects access to the platform.


Thanks to the digitization and optimization of its processes, Collège Ahuntsic now uses its strategic planning as a tool for collaboration between its departments.

  • Consolidation of all data and plans on a single, user-friendly platform
  • Increase team productivity
  • Reduce non-value-added administrative work
  • Simplified production of official documents for the Commission d'évaluation de l'enseignement collégial

Ahuntsic College

Specialized monitoring tool


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