Complexe Desjardins

  • A marketplace for the complex's retailers and parking ticket management
  • A centralized tenant portal


We were tasked with creating Canada's first shopping mall marketplace, offering consumers the opportunity to buy online from multiple merchants in a single transaction. Subsequently, our team developed a parking reservation and purchase system. We also wanted to simplify the management of the complex's tenants and retailers, so we were commissioned to design a portal including communication, events and notification functionalities. 


Complexe Desjardins, located in the heart of Montreal's Quartier des spectacles, is a complex of buildings including a shopping mall, office towers, concert halls and much more. This central location makes it a popular spot for the tourist industry, offering a variety of activities and entertainment nearby.

Personalized modules

Our team has developed a customer portal with several customized modules.


Customized, flexible multi-boutique management environment integrated with retailers' operations, enabling product, invoice, inventory, customer and order management, including parking services. Payments are processed automatically for multi-product transactions, simplifying the process for every retailer.

Flexible delivery approach, specifically designed to meet the needs of local Complexe Desjardins users. Several delivery options integrated into the portal: regular carriers, green delivery, local express delivery (Eva) and contactless pickup in smart lockers.

Achat de billets de stationnement à usage unique ou multiple avec génération de codes QR, offrant aux utilisateurs la possibilité de télécharger leurs billets sur leur téléphone portable. Cela facilite l'accès au stationnement et aux événements, en permettant une validation rapide et pratique.

Send personalized news and notifications by SMS or e-mail, according to different customer groups, enabling targeted and effective communication.

Send out customized surveys tailored to different customer groups to gather information specific to each customer segment, thus fostering a better understanding of their needs and preferences.

API integrations


Connection with carriers

We achieved advanced logistics integration by connecting the complex's customer portal with the Machool, Eva and Expedibox platforms. This technical connection enables optimized management of shipping and picking processes. An API allows us to send order information directly to the carriers. This connection facilitates the identification of parcels to be picked up, and enables real-time updating of data for both customer and carrier.


Integration of POS and merchant electronic commerce

Our team connected several merchants' existing online stores to the Complexe Desjardins marketplace. This connection enables the integration and synchronization of products and inventories from other platforms into the customer portal. Our solution enables merchants to centralize the management of their products and benefit from increased visibility by being present on multiple sales channels.


Complexe Desjardins now has advanced management capabilities thanks to the implementation of several integrated and simplified solutions to meet the diversified needs of its clientele.

  • Generation of additional revenues through intelligent parking solution with online ticketing
  • Process automation to optimize and simplify retailer operations
  • Centralized information and communications with tenants in a secure environment
  • Collection of high-quality end-customer data (first-party data)

Complexe Desjardins

Customized and targeted solutions


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