A portal dedicated to training customers in the use of robotic equipment


We were commissioned to develop a flexible, customized customer portal that would respect Kinova's visual identity and enable them to train their customers through different training paths. Given their particular business model, the platform would also facilitate the management of different types of users, such as operators and installers, in addition to integrating several other modules such as event planning and document management.


Kinova is a major player in the field of robotics. The company's initial mission was to simplify the daily lives of people with upper-body limitations through the use of robotic assistance technologies. The ultralight robotic arms developed by Kinova are mainly used in the medical, industrial, research and education sectors.

Personalized modules

Our team has developed a customer portal with several customized modules.


Provide users with training relevant to their specific job, optimizing training effectiveness by focusing on the skills and knowledge required by the type of user.

Management of different customer groups such as operators and installers, as well as international customers. With their own specific business rules, this feature enables access to be customized and interactions with each customer group adapted to their particular requirements.

Manage registrations and bookings for live or pre-recorded webinars, as well as special events such as conferences, product demonstrations or advanced training courses.

Consolidate all product and equipment datasheets and documentation into a single platform, where customers can easily access all necessary resources.


Kinova was able to centralize and automate many of its customer management tasks, and offer training on a global scale.

  • Reduced carbon footprint and travel costs
  • Extended reach without geographical limitations
  • Improved overall experience and customer satisfaction
  • Implementation of a flexible technological solution that can evolve to meet future objectives:
    • Online sales of content and products
    • Employee training

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