An extranet portal integrating a customized product configurator for client quotes


Manually calculating the quantities required to meet their customers' needs using Excel, OSBLOCK wanted to automate its quoting process. Since each construction project is unique and requires a different quantity of blocks and accessories, the company was looking to implement a technology platform with a product configurator. Our team readily accepted the challenge of developing a portal integrated with Zoho One, including a CPQ.


OSBLOCK is a specialist manufacturer of insulated building blocks. Their blocks interlock directly on the building site, enabling rapid structural installation. They are used to improve the energy efficiency of buildings by providing better thermal insulation while reducing the need for labor.

Personalized modules

Our team has developed a customer portal with several customized modules.


Real-time calculation of the number of blocks and accessories based on parameters such as number of walls, openings, dimensions and customer specifications.

Creation of a quote manually or via the product configurator. It can be saved as a project and, when complete, transmitted directly to Osblock via the customer portal, while simultaneously being sent to Zoho One ERP.

Detailed view of sales and most frequently ordered products, by category or geolocation.

API integration

Connection with Zoho One

Sending quotes to the Zoho management system and retransmitting certain information to the portal to enable customers to track the status of their quotes.


OSBLOCK can now serve all its customers, both contractors and individuals, with a customized portal and a user-friendly, intuitive purchasing experience, with features that facilitate accurate cost calculation.

  • Consolidation of quotation requests on a single platform in compliance with business rules
  • Standardization and automation of the quotation process for the sales team
  • Reduce quote request times and improve customer service


Portal with CPQ solution


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